The schedule of services available from ICTCompliance is comprehensive and covers training and coaching in respect of numerous South African and international legislative and practice measures, the assessments and audits of client enterprises for the purposes of both initial implementations and scheduled status reports, the preparation of strategic plans, the implementation of comprehensive strategic plans or only particular modules to a strategic plan, and on-going reporting and support functions. The following presents a simplified and non-exhaustive grid of service components offered by ICTCompliance and our associates:
  • Training seminars and workshops, focused on specific legislative measures and tailored to client or group requirements;
  • Assessments and audits as preparatory process to formulation of a strategic plan re compliance and governance;
  • Compilation of strategic plans re compliance, governance and general practices;
  • Compliance kits re company documentation and policies, pertinent to privacy (Including BYOD, social media and employment contracts), other legislation such as the CPA, PAIA and the NCA;
  • Pre-compliance advisory or counsel services for cross-border or other specific transactions, projects or agreements, specifically pertinent to the USA, the European Union and the BRICS countries;
  • Due diligence processes and reports regarding compliance and governance in instances of take-overs, mergers and acquisitions, and related general management consulting services regarding international legislative measures;
  • Preparation of representation documents and forum participation on behalf of clients in respect of public commentary and lobbying invitations;
  • Procurement and preparation of vetted professional service providers and representatives for the purposes of representation in legal proceedings, Regulator-convened processes and internal disciplinary proceedings;
  • ICTCompliance also contracts team members out as officials to serve an boards and other fora in order for our clients to be properly constituted for the purposes of compliance, governance and general practice requirements;
  • Participation in drafting procedures or vetting of international agreements, for the purposes of establishing pre-compliance standards and governance;
  • Compliance assessments of prospective clients are performed on behalf of external service providers, in the fields of financial services, cybercrime and other insurance cover providers, amongst others.













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