The formidable challenges inherent to the introduction in South Africa of the new Companies Act in 2008, the various King Reports, and an array of new legislative regimes recently introduced to bring South Africa in step and in conformance with other world territories, are nowhere more practically pertinent than in terms of the Corporate ICT Governance requirements applicable to the wide array of organisations to which the various regulatory environments are applicable. There is a clearly recorded lack of compliance generally in South African enterprises, and an equally well recorded availability of support functions for company leaderships, as well as their employees, to come into compliance with the minimums requirements of corporate governance regimes.

ICTCompliance, as part of the assessments conducted for the purposes of introducing our clients to the requirements of the new privacy legislative measures, also does a basic assessment of the general corporate governance status and proficiencies of the client. We do so in the belief that these aspects are symbiotically intertwined, simply in response to the question as to how corporate governance can be said to be in compliance, in the absence of having the required privacy strategies and components in place?

We have additional Corporate Governance modules, supporting tools and methodologies that we tailor for use by individual clients and these have been compiled and prepared in formats that accommodate clients who have to commence with initial orientations and move to full implementation, to formats suited to clients who only require certain focused coaching and implementation modules pertinent to a specific piece of legislation for instance.

The details of the coaching modules, the assessment questionnaires and related processes are available per specific request for

ICTCompliance adheres to a strict quality policy and therefor prefers to deal with clients on an individual basis, as opposed to simply lecturing or presenting to a substantial number of people about the applicable laws and general technical considerations. ICTCompliance therefor mostly deals with clients individually and the process commences with a questionnaire being completed by the client, electronically or per telephone consultation.

The alternative is for a group of their own clients to be assembled by a firm of attorneys or accountants, for the purposes of collectively going through the orientation and training modules, and then splitting up for onsite processes.

These initial processes serve to design the coaching sessions in terms of people and material involved, from where an individual assessment, scoping and/or audit of the client Corporate Governance and general ICT compliance environment is done, a Governance strategy is compiled and presented, and assistance given with the implementation and management of such strategy. ICTCompliance can be contracted in to do individual components of the above, or the full process, and with or without our specialist capacity associates and each client has the opportunity to clearly define the services required. Practically, a client can stipulate that ICTCompliance deals with POPI-related matters only, or bring the entire enterprise in compliance mode and with reference to all relevant other legislative and regulatory measures such as PAIA, the National Credit Act, the Consumer Protection Act, the new Companies Act and King III generally, for instance.













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